Name: Nathan
Position: Salon Owner

About you: As the salon owner I am extremely proud of what we have achieved at Energy, every day is different, every customer is as important as the next and the team are the perfect mix, with everyone from assistant level to director level working together to give the unique Energy and Ethos to Energy.

The salon has come along way in 15 years and I am delighted at the exciting growth that has taken place over the last 5 years with a 15% increase year on year. This growth has been fueled by a whole lot of hard work, a clear vision and a focus on the people that matter most, from customer service to team development, people are what makes Energy.

In terms of my own hairdressing journey, you will find me on the salon floor less and less now, with more of a need to focus on the business and development as the salon and team grows. If you do catch me on the salon floor you will quickly discover that my passion for hairdressing is stronger than ever, with my favourite looks to create being short cuts and styles.

Some of my favourite work: