Its the start of the new school year with many chidren starting new schools or new year groups and you want to be a coolest Mum in the playground. Its time to add some flair to your hair.

Here are some of the best styled celebrity Mums out there:

Why not try getting ‘pobbed’ by getting the classic Victoria Beckham ‘Pob’ (bob haircut). Keep cool in this humid weather but still looking funky with this great style, easy and quick to make sure you are not late for the drop off.

Jessica Ennis – Hill always looks great with her golden locks and lovely pony tails. Brighten up the darkening mornings with a new hair colour, when times short in the morning you can pop it back and still look great with no roots.

The all over one colour look, it works for Kate Middleton so why wouldn’t it work for you. Its looks great in all different types of styles, from curls to straight to a loose plait or a tight bun.

They don’t call her Queen Bey for nothing, Beyoncé’s hairstyles are always flawless and get heads turning. You could try a low side pony tail, loose curls or corkscrew curls, maybe a textured pob or some plaits. She’s tried them all, give yourself a different look every day.

Have a great back to school day and a great hair day.

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