With the festival season well and truly upon us, it’s time to dust off those welly boots, head to the garage to find your tents and most importantly it’s time to get festival fashion ready.


If there is a time to make a statement with what you wear it’s at a festival, be bold, be brave and be daring. Where better to make a statement than with your choice of fabulous festival hair styles.


  1. Fun with colour

Where you may not choose outrageous colours for your regular hair appointment, when it comes to your festival look anything goes. This year vibrant shades of purple and blue are in as well as pastel shades of pink.

  1. Volume is everything

It’s not just about loud music it is about loud hair and big styles. A music is one of few places where backcombed and messy styles are fully embraced. A word of warning for those daring volumes, careful dancing and movement is a must to avoid beer soaked ends.   

  1. Braids and Plaits

If you have time to go to the hairdressers, hair up can often be your best option, especially if you are not going to be able to wash your hair over the days of the festival. Our recommendation is to go for a fashionable braid or plait, that makes sure your hair will stay for the entire weekend, even with copious amounts of dancing.

  1. Men and short hair

For men and ladies with short hair festival hair might be more straight forward, but it is also a whole lot more boring. Just because having short hair makes it easier to wash and look after even at a music festival, it doesn’t mean you can’t think outside the box when it comes to style. Think hair tattoos or injections of colour for a stand out short look.

  1. Must hair accessories and hair care

So you’re are going to a festival, have no electricity and limited space in your bag. What should you pack for your hair?


  1. Hair brush – Try and keep control over your hair for the duration of the weekend by brushing it at least once daily.
  2. Dry Shampoo – Now usually hairdressers frown on these types of products, but if you are unable to wash your hair properly sometimes needs must and it can be a real must have for injecting some volume into your hair.
  3. Hair Grips – They may be a nuisance at home that you find just about everywhere, but for a festival weekend they are a true godsend. Taking up minimal space these hair grips can transform your hair in a matter of minutes.
  4. Hair Bands – A stylish and fashionable hair band can be all you need for your fashionable festival look, keeping your hair off your face and adding a focal point to your look.

However you wear your hair, make sure you enjoy your festival experience. If you try any of the tips/styles above don’t forget to send us your pictures for your chance to enter our monthly competitions.