The team at Keune UK recently asked Energy Salon Manager Natalie Moyse some questions about the Keratin Straighthening and Rebonding system. Natalie has worked hard to carve out a niche business building her portfolio of clients who look to her for straightening answers and incredible long lasting results.

Natalie Moyse

How It Works

The Keratin Straightening Rebonding System is perfect for those with curly or frizzy hair wanting long-lasting managable straight locks. This super effective treatment transforms hair into sleek, polished tresses that can be enjoyed for months to come.

The rebranding elements in the Straightening Cream formula carefully cleave the hair bonds while keratin, the hair’s most important protein, enters the strands and repairs damaged areas.

Step 1 – Apply straightening Creams on the sections. The processing time is a maximum of 25 minutes, including application.

Step 2 – Rise thoroughly with warm water.

Oil conditions leave a protective layer. protecting the hair from the straightening iron.

Step 3 – Blow dry hair, and straighten with a straightening iron.

Step 4 – Apply the Neutralising Cream to the hair and process for 5 minutes.

Step 5 –  Rinse thoroughly with warm water, trowel-dry and style as desired.

Et voila! Shiny and silky straight hair is yours to enjoy. The results last up to 5 months.

The Consultation Stage

Who is the ideal candidate for the Keratin Straightening Rebranding System? 

The ideal client is someone looking to transform unmanageable frizzy, wavy or curly hair into long lasting polished straightness.

How long does the treatment take? 

The treatment takes around 1.5-2 hours. It is formaldehyde-free and comes in 2 formulas, Normal or Strong to address different hair types.

How long does it last? 

It leaves hair straight and polished for up to 5 months.

What are the results?

Straight, manageable, Soft and shiny hair

Do you perform this system on bleached / highlighted hair? 

Yes it can, however we strongly recommend to wait at least two weeks after a colour service has been done before using the Keratin Straightening Re-bonding System. I personally would recommend talking to clients before the booking to ensure that the hair is in the correct condition for the treatment, hair that has pre-lightened (bleach)many times would not be ideal or haor that has been over lightened with high levels of oxidants i.e highlight tint and 40 vol, an elasticity test would help you decide if the hair is strong enough for the treatment.

The Application Process

What are the best tools to start the process? 

Keratin Straightening Re-bonding system – Straightening Cream and NeutralisationCream

Hot tools – Ceramic with precise temperature control irons, blow dryer

Accessories – Apron, cutting cape, towels and disposable gloves

Hair tools – Bowl, Colour brush, Wide tooth comb, Plastic clips (all plastic, no metal based products)

What shampoo do you recommend using before applying the Straightening Cream? 

If the hair is exceptionally dirty, then we recommend the Care – Clarify Shampoo. It removes dirt, oil and product build up from hair and scalp without stripping the moisture. Bamboo and Fern Extracts leave hair super soft and shiny!

How do you apply the product? 

Apply the straightening cream rapidly with a colour brush, section by section beginning at the nape, carefully working through the hair for even distribution. Avoid tension on the hair, smoothing the hair with fingers, side of hand or a wide-tooth comb.

Can you apply this product directly to the scalp? 

No, always ensure to keep Straightening Cream 0.5cm away from the scalp.

growth, only apply to the regrowth area keeping it, again 0.5cm from the scalp.

What is the process time from start of application? 

The total process time from start to finish of applications 25 minutes. No more!

Any important tips? 

Once you apply the product all over the and have smoothed the hair straight with the wide tooth comb, go over the hair with your fingers in small sections using a scissor like action to smooth the hair and press the product into the hair. If you see areas that need more product apply more and work your way through the hair from the nape to the front hair line, making sure hair is sitting smoothly at all times and not touching the clients skin.With this hands on technique you will feel the texture of the hair changing, helping you to determine the condition and correct processing time.

What do you recommend other stylists pay attention when performing the service?

After I have applied the product and combed through initially I use my hands and fingers to keep hair smooth therefore protecting the hair cuticles from being damaged during the process. When you rinse the Stage 1 product for 10 minutes it’s important to make sure the water is continually moved around the head and hair paying special attention to rinsing the nape area well. Blow dry and straighten hair using straighteners that have a control at 180. Go over each of the sections 6 times at least, styling the hair in a way the client will naturally wear if i.e parting the fringe. Go over problem areas more than once if needed. I have a lot of clients with hair that is especially curly in the back and smoother at the front, for this I will ensure the back is as smooth as cab achieve with the straighteners for the best effect. When applying Stage 2 neutralising needs to be done quickly but with precision, use your hands to keep the hair smooth and make sure it doesn’t have any kinks. I rinse the neutraliser for 5 minutes and follow with a treatment like Care Vital Nutrition. bring your client back to the section and comb hair, asking the client to feel the hair so they can feel the difference between it now wet and before, then blast the hair until its almost dry without using a brush. This will help your client understand how well the treatment has worked and how easy it will be to manage. Once you have blow-dryed it, allow the client to feel the hair showing the hair in the back mirror so they can see the transformation for themselves. Once you’re both happy blowdry the hair into the desired style using brush and finish.

The Aftercare

What is the most important advice you give your clients in the first few days after the treatment?

I let the clients know before and after the treatment that the hair can’t be washed fir 48 hours of get wet, I also say they cant pin the hair up. This allows the hair time to settle into it’s new smooth look.

Can the hair be worn in a ponytail, clipped or tied?

For the first 48 hours after the treatment that the hair can’t be washed for 48 hours or get wet, I also say they cant pin the hair up.This allows the hair time to settle into its new smooth look.

What are your favourite Keune products for a client to use at home after having the straightening treatment?

I talk to my clients about the new look they want to achieve for lots of clients having the treatment is a life changing experience. For clients who have spent years blowdrying and straightening their hair they will now be blowdrying it totally differently. I recommend the Design Blowdry Spray to protect the hair while styling . For some clients it takes them a couple of weeks to get used to the volumeon the top being reduced so I recommend Care Absolute Volume Mousse to help them blowdry. A lot of clients who have their hair is smooth they can concentrate on new things for their hair like the Care colour protecting shampoos. Care Tinta Colour or Care Colour Brillianz and supporting smoothing shampoos like Care Keratin Smooth.


Can you share some of your favourite styling products to enhance the results?

I always encourage my clients to wear their hair in different looks so even through its smoothed they can use products to give texture like Sea Salt Mousse from Blend is also a firm favourite of mine and I use Prep spray n every client before I cut their hair. Lots of my clients also use it before styling as a foundation product to add a soft hod and shine to the hair.

Keratin Straightening