Long gone are the days where men just brushed their hair to one side and called it a day, in 2016 male grooming should be on the top of the agenda for todays more image conscious male. If you are not already on the male grooming bandwagon, this article aims to take you on the journey and give you some great tips to help you get fantastic hair with minimum effort. This is all about product, style and a little bit of TLC.

Low Maintenance Style

Male grooming is of course important, but it doesn’t have to drain hours of your time a day to get your style right. Choose your styles and cuts appropriately and it can be as simple as cleaning your teeth or ironing your shirt.

There are a few not to miss hair trends for this year that we can’t get enough of.

  • Military Short Style

Short hair is easier to style and for those seeking simple style a style that is tight at the back and side and crop on top is ideal. A word of warning for those thinking this is the style for them, this super sharp finish really works better on men with a more structured face shape.


  • The Fringe

To add some extra style to your short hair style, why not consider a fringe. A simple fringe can add a touch of character to your look.

Although it sounds like a big move, the fringe actually provides a great focal point for your hair which means that you can keep the rest of your hair very simple and hassle free.


Heading Out 

Often if you are heading out for the evening, whether for dinner, for drinks with friends or for a family event, you want to up your game when it comes to your hair style.

  • Textured Quiff

The quiff has always been around in some shape or form, but this time the trend is coming back and it’s all about a more adventurous textured quiff. Once you have the cut just right it doesn’t have to be difficult to style either. The look is about adding depth and life to your hair, with a smooth and well defined structure.


  • Man Bob

If you are a lover of facial hair and more specifically beards the man bob could be the perfect style for you. The style is short enough for your hair to sit nicely around your face, whilst also giving you enough length to go with the man bun if you require. This look helps to give a fuller look with textured ends to give it the masculine edge.

  • Textured Style

Turn your day look into something more adventurous with a textured style, adding volume and shape to your hair. Most important for getting this look right is the selection of great products, be sure to select good quality products because choosing the wrong products can leave your hair looking greasy and motionless.


Facial Hair 

Facial Hair

There is no way you could have missed the uprising in facial hair over the last few years, but if you are going to brave it with a beard or moustache you must take care of it. In 2014 it was all about the big beards, now it’s all about shorter more styled beards.


There are so many factors to consider when choosing your style, from face shape, to maintenance to products. At Energy Hair we offer a consultation as part of every appointment to make sure we help you to get a look thats just right for you.

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Our Favourite Product Picks

Our Favourite Male grooming brand of the moment is Crew for men. Here are a few of our top picks.