Energy Hair owner Nathan Plumridge has undergone a relentless training programme to prepare for the highly challenging Great Wall of China Marathon on 19 May this year. This is not only a huge personal challenge but he also aims to raise money for the amazing World Wildlife Federation, a cause very close to his heart. 

Nathan has never been one to shy away from a challenge having participated in multiple half marathons, marathons, bike rides and obstacle courses, but this challenge will be the most challenging yet.

Nathan Plumridge

The Great Wall of China Marathon, first held in 1999, is run along mountainous sections of the wall in Miyun County and Jinshanling, 125 km northeast of Beijing, and now attracts more than 2500 participants from all over the world. It is the only marathon that can be seen from space and is widely acknowledged as one of the world’s toughest marathons. When you look at some of the statistics, it’s easy to see why. Over the 26.2 miles, Nathan and Helen will run over 5500 steps, will climb 4500 ft and will run in temperatures of up to 37c. The average finish time of the marathon is over eight hours and just 60% of participants will actually complete the challenge.

“This challenge will be our toughest yet by some stretch” says Nathan. “Generally, we’re not challenged enough in our society, which is why undertaking this is so exciting.” But this isn’t the only reason Nathan has chosen to undertake the challenge, for Nathan raising money for such an important cause is key and protecting our rainforests and wildlife is a cause that has always been close to his heart.

As a busy business professional, Nathan has always put a huge emphasis on corporate social responsibility and giving back to the community, taking a step away from the busy salon environment to support important causes and the local community. As well as setting huge personal challenges he also encourages his team to take part in similar challenges and puts a huge emphasis on wellness and development of his employees.


Nathan commented “For me setting personal challenges outside of your busy working schedule is hugely important and for me it’s even better if you get to support and raise money for charities you really care about”. “We all too often take for granted our planet and the damage we do everyday and for me protecting our wildlife and rainforests is something I have always cared greatly about”. 


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