There is perhaps no hair style better suited to summer than a stunning curl, but how do you get the perfect look and how do you decide on the type of curl that suits the shape of your face and your style?

The surfy curl

The loose surf curl is the ideal laid back look for the summer months. The key is making the curl look natural and not over-styling.

How to achieve the look

The best way to achieve the surfy curl is using a pair of quality straightening tongs. Move the tongs slowly through the hair and release quickly for a soft and natural looking curl.

The 20’s curl

The Gatsby craze is in full swing and as an alternative styling for the summer parties, why not try this stunning 20’s look. This hair up look pairs stunning curls with the right amount of volume.

How to achieve the look

You will need to start with straight hair to get the best from this look. Start with the quiff at the front by pulling back a section of the hair. Then create the curls on the side of your head using grips to secure. The final part of this look is the back section which needs to be wrapped around and secured with grips. To keep this look in shape for longer, use lots of hairspray to secure the look.

High Volume Curl

High volume curls are a fantastic look for festivals, nights out or even just for glam day looks. This look is all about high definition curls, so beware ladies with thicker hair this can take a while to perfect.

How to achieve the look

There are a number of ways to achieve this look and you can choose both straighteners or curlers. The key is taking small sections of hair and curling straight from the routes, once you have curled a section spray it lightly with hairspray to secure.


Messy Curl

Sometimes the messiest looks are the best, they also can require a minimal amount of effort especially if your hair is naturally curly.

How to achieve the look

If your hair isn’t naturally curly you will need to put some curls into it using straighteners or curlers and spray to secure. To get the maximum volume backcombing is king, take a brush or comb both the roots and tips of the hair.

Whatever style curl works for you, make sure you have the right products. Don’t be afraid to spend a little more on brushes and quality hairsprays to keep your curl in place for longer.

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