At Energy we are passionate about the development of our team members and there is nothing better for us than seeing homegrown talent work their way through the ranks of the salon.

Meeting the team at Energy is testament to this with many of the senior stylists having trained there way up the career ladder and stayed with Energy for 10 years or more reaching director level.

Training is a big part of any hairdressers career and as an apprentice at Energy prepare to be put through your paces and challenged, because our aim is to get you confidently working on the salon floor at the earliest opportunity. As a trainee at Energy you will be put through your paces and given weekly opportunities to train in everything from cutting, to conditioning treatments through to creating the most stunning shades and tones of colour.

The Qualifications

All accreditations and qualifications at Energy hair are PGL accredited with examinations through a central governing body of City and Guilds. The level 2 NVQ and GNVQ qualifications offered by PGL are regarded amongst the best in the industry, focusing on a clear assessments, feedback and practical salon experience to make sure you are salon ready as early as possible.

The Trainer

Your training at Energy will be undertaken by Louise Hockings, who has worked in the industry for more than 35 years and has even written text books for City and Guilds.

You will find Louise at Energy Hair every two weeks, where she will put Energy trainees through their structured training programmes, which consist of practical sessions on the salon floor where trainees will be assessed for ability to act in real salon environments. Along with the practical, trainees have to pass a series of challenging exams to make the cut as a hairdresser.

Our Training Director

On weeks where Louise is not in the salon working on the formal assessments, we have our very own senior stylist Heidi working with Energy trainees to make sure they are skilled up and get as much practice in as possible with a range of stylist, cutting and colour techniques. Heidi is working her way to becoming a qualified trainer for PGL and so soon she will also be able to conduct assessments and run additional training in house, helping our trainees to develop their skills and confidence more quickly.

Meet Our Trainees


Luke joined the Energy Hair team in April of 2017 and is training through the NVQ apprenticeship route. Since joining he has worked tirelessly to progress through his training, never turning down an opportunity to learn more and progress more quickly. Aside from his core qualifications, he has been given the opportunity to take on specialist training course at Phab (A leading Devon training provider) and even attended a week long course on the ABC in London from Vidal Sassoon an unforgettable experience.

Luke is set to progress more quickly than the majority of trainees and is on track to make graduate status by September. It just shows that with hard work and the right attitude anything is achievable and he exudes his passions for hairdressing every day at Energy Hair.


Starting work at Energy in October of 2017, Sarah has made a sterling start to her hairdressing career at Energy, having learnt a huge amount in just six months. Sarah is enrolled on a slightly different Course and will qualify at GNVQ level two  after 18 months of training at Energy hair.

So far Sarah has had the opportunity to work on styling, has made a great start on cutting techniques and will soon be venturing into the world of colour. This year Sarah will have opportunities to take part in a range of additional courses to strengthen her skills and confidence.

Sarah is also on track to qualify within 18months.

Meet Our Graduate


Our most recent graduate Marcus has gone from strength to strength since qualifying at Energy Hair in early 2017. He already has a busy column and is continuing to thrive and build confidence. At Energy we encourage trainees and graduates to develop specialisms in the areas of hairdressing they love the most and for Marcus this is all about mens hair and barbering which is an area he has had a whole host of additional training in.

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Train With Energy

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