We all love our annual get aways, but rarely do summer holidays come without our fair share of bad hair days. Whether it’s your hair getting dried out in the heat, over exposure to salt water, colour alteration in the sunlight or the wrong choice of styling products, we have all had a bad hair experience on holiday.

Well fear not, because this year the Energy Hair team are on hand to help and are offering you the opportunity to win a tailor made hamper, developed to fit with your own hair problems.

To Enter the competition all you need to do is comment on social media letting us know your worst holiday hair problems.

We will pick a winner at random at the end of June so you have your hamper in time for your next summer holiday.

Fizzy and Dry

If you have naturally dry hair, then chances are your holiday will mean only one thing, time for the frizz. Even worse, you wanting to look your best on holiday may mean applying additional heat in the form of straighteners or colours with the aim of gaining control over the frizz. With the wrong products and non sun protecting shampoos and conditioners, this will only make frizz matters worse.


Many of us get so carried away with all the holiday fun that we don’t keep up with our normal hair care routine and wash as often as we usually would. Where this may be fine for those with drier hair types who don’t have to wash hair everyday, if your hair is naturally greasy you can end up with hair that looks flat and dull. Not the look you want on your holiday.

Sea swept

Many of us spend lots of time on our holidays in and out of the sea and pool, which will both result in damage to our hair. The chemicals and the salts in the water will take nutrients from the hair and will cause the hair to dry.

Hair Up

If you know that holidays and sunshine do nothing for your hair, you may decide it’s better to put it up. This can be a great approach but it still requires you to have the right products and the right tools to keep your hair looking great.

So whatever your holiday hair problem, we will build a hamper that’s fit for your hair, with a range of products, accessories and brushes to help you to have the best looking hair on holiday.

Simply comment to tell us about your holiday hair problems for your chance to win.

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