If there is one thing we never shy away from at Energy Hair it’s making sure that every team member gets to develop their skills and train in new areas to make sure our customers always get the best in modern day hairdressing and styling.

Just a few weeks ago we waved goodbye to our Director level stylist Zoe, who took to London for an incredible week on the Vidal Sassoon Creative Cuts Course. Cutting is something Zoe has always loved, but this course was a fabulous opportunity for Zoe to hone her skills and bring some exciting techniques back to the salon.

So here’s a bit about what Zoe got up to on her trip to London.

What was the course?

Starting from February 12th 2018, Zoe was enrolled in the renowned Creative Cuts Course hosted by Vidal Sasson. With a career spanning more than forty years, Vidal Sasson may have built a career as a globally recognised hairdresser, but his legacy lives on with the Sasson Academy now the leading and most renowned hairdressing training academy recognised globally for being at the cutting edge of hairdressing.

There really is no better or more prestigious place for team Energy to train. For Zoe cuts have always been something that she has always been passionate about and so taking these skills to the next level was a challenge she couldn’t wait to take on.

What was the focus of each day?

Variety may be the spice of life, but it also makes for the very best and engaging training opportunity. The course was all about learning new things and trying new approaches to cutting which sat firmly outside of Zoe’s comfort zone.

This mean a lot of disconnection in the styles to create weight or to remove weight in the hair. The cuts everyday were totally different and it was all about trends, what’s new, so a chance to be a little daring and create some stand out cuts that you just wouldn’t create everyday in the salon. Short cuts are hugely on trend at the moment and so a lot of the focus was on sharper and more structured finished with layers, making sure there is the right movement in the hair.


What Zoe took away from the course ?

You often get used to doing things in certain ways, but what was exciting about this course was the focus on innovative ways to section hair and create different looks, by sectioning small sections of hair, with very clear cutting.

If you get the cut just right, with the right movement and shape, this should mean much less time needs to be spent on styling which means hair that is easy to do at home, which is something customers are always looking for.

High style, easy maintenance and simple to style.

The things Zoe wants to do next?

Cutting is a real passion for Zoe and so her next goal will be to move on to another cutting course. There is always more to learn and hairdressing is always changing and so Zoe is passionate about carrying on learning and developing her skills until the day she eventually has to put her scissors down, which would be never if she had the choice.

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